Monday, July 2, 2012

The IUP Exam Experience of Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta

Yes!! I got accepted into UGM~! Big surprise there, seeing how shocked I really am. My Indonesian Fam don’t exactly approve of lil me going to UGM and in reality, am quite excited to actually go there :D

Anyways, I shall quit the ramblings and start jamming the memory plug (excuse my inability to speak correct English).

So I went to Yogyakarta in the pursuit of the University of Gadjah Mada, in which I was having the worst nervous breakdowns of life, as in having owl eyes at midnight, excessive trembling, and grabbing the wash basin every 15 minutes in-case-of-emergency. Ya get the gist…..

So anyways, they decided to cram the interviews and two of the test together (!) in one day. Points to be made that made me dizzy and stressed out for Weeks At An End (really, could not find any of these info Anywhere) ->

11)      All the tests are in English, even the Interviews. So beware 0.0
22)      TOEFL tests are the exact same, just to confirm.
33)      ONLY Medical students have different test in the International area, All the others are the same, with TOEFL-like, Gadjah Mada Scholastic Test, and an Interview
44)      Usually, it’s tests in one day and the interview on the other, but they decided to cram it for some reason in my case….
55)      The interview timing is a FLUKE. May take longer than expected for your turn 0.0

Those are about the tests, as really, there was no info whatsoever ANYWHERE in the internet, which earned me reasons for my nervous breakdown and a pissed of persona after the exams.

Oh, and UGM cannot get any worse, as in the beginning we don’t even know where to send the documents I have (since I was registering online) and my Fam in Indonesia ended up going there to ask. What they said? Mail to this mail: (it may take quite a while for them to answer though)

In any case,  Hope this helps!! XD

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  1. I am going to take the UGM Scholastic test. I have been studying the SATS exam practice and guides, as well as the TPA (Tes Potential Akademik). Does this help? I'm really worried what I've practiced and studies wont come up in the UGM Scholastic exam. And oh! One more thing, is there any sort of essay we have to write withiin the test?